mySchool: Jerry Junkins Elementary School (video)


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Jaci and Uchenna, two students at Jerry Junkins Elementary, can list many things that make their school special.

The school, which is named after the former Chief Executive Officer for Texas Instruments, was built in 2006 and aims to create global citizens by setting and achieving high expectations for students. Thanks to partnerships with companies such as Behringer, Junkins has state of the art equipment and materials.

Kent Barner, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Behringer, said his company shows students how they can program some of the computer games they like to play.

“I think they are starting to understand how programming can impact their life in many ways, whether it is how you make your living, think logically, or solve problems,” Barner said.

Another notable feature of Junkins is the school musical. Students practice two hours a day, three days a week to prepare for the big show.

“The most important thing they receive from this whole process is the confidence and seeing what they are capable of,” said music teacher Robert Jones.

Learn more about what makes Junkins Elementary special in the above video.