Noon Thursday is deadline to apply for Distinguished Teacher Review


The road to potentially earning the district’s highest effectiveness levels and the corresponding compensation as a Dallas ISD distinguished teacher starts with submitting a Distinguished Teacher Review (DTR) application. To earn a Distinguished effectiveness level, teachers must:

  1. Earn an effectiveness level of Proficient II or higher.
  2. Achieve high scores in teacher performance, student achievement and student perceptions.
  3. Meet additional performance criteria assessed through the Distinguished Teacher Review.

This school year, more than 2,000 teachers have been identified as DTR-eligible and invited to submit an application with examples of their leadership, lifelong learning and contributions to the profession. Aspiring DTR-eligible teachers who received the invitation to apply in Wave 1 are reminded that noon this Thursday, Nov. 5, is the deadline to submit their online application. Please note: These teachers must submit their application by the deadline to be considered for the Distinguished Teacher Review in the 2015-16 school year.

To view a video that details the DTR process, visit For more information or additional resources about DTR and TEI, visit An FAQ with answers to the most common questions about the DTR process is available here.

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