Code of Conduct brochure details students’ rights and school rules


2015_SCOC_Brochure_ImageMost days, schools are pleasant places where students and staff respect each other and practice courteous behavior. To increase the odds of maintaining a peaceful environment, the district wants to make sure everyone knows the rules of the road. District and school administrators encourage students and parents to become familiar with students’ rights and the rules of behavior from the very first day of the new school year. That’s why the Office of Student Discipline has published a Student Code of Conduct Quick Reference Guide.

Published this year for the first time, the quick reference guide brochure is a snapshot of the standards for acceptable student conduct and the responsibilities of students, parents and district administrators to promote appropriate behavior. It explains expectations and disciplinary consequences for various levels of misconduct. The brochure also speaks to district policy on student use of cell phones and electronic devices. The goal is to decrease the number of students who get into trouble at school.

Office of Student Discipline Manager Janet Allen says the vast majority of students practice good behavior. When violations occur, campuses are to refer to their school-wide discipline management plans and the code of conduct as guides to develop interventions and supports to redirect student behavior.

The Quick Reference Guide presents information in a condensed format and reflects legal guidelines and policies set by the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees. The guide is an excerpt of the full Student Code of Conduct, a 34-page booklet that includes an overview of responsibilities, levels of offenses and consequences, the appeals process, intervention strategies, acceptable use of district technology resources, and policies prohibiting harassment and bullying. The full Student Code of Conduct and Quick Reference Guide are available for download at


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