District takes on partnership, pathway to replenish clinicians (video)


When asked what they’d like to pursue, most students will announce big aspirations of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or, perhaps, the President of the United States.

With more than 200 pathways, Dallas ISD has established programs to help students get a step closer to whatever it is they hope to become someday. One of the most recent programs established is that of Speech Language Pathology at the School of Health Professions at the Yvonne A Ewell Townview Center.

The program is one of two responses to the district’s issue of hiring and retaining Speech Language Pathologists, which are professionals who evaluate and treat people with speech and language issues.

As the School of Health Professions program seeks to introduce high school students to this very specific career path, the University of Texas at Dallas’s Callier Center for Communication is partnering with Dallas ISD to provide training and experience to its graduate level Speech Language Pathology students, some of whom will fill the vacancies left by the district’s retiring class of current Speech Language Pathologists, also referred to as SLPs.

As UTD’s Callier Center for Communications students complete their graduate studies and the Speech Language Pathology Program at the School of Health Professions at the Yvonne A Ewell Townview Center continues to grow, the district is able to rely less on contracted speech language pathologists and more on district-trained and hired professionals who are familiar with the Dallas ISD students and their needs.

Watch the above video to learn more.

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