Volunteer Spotlight: Rhonda Lowrey at R.E. Lee Elementary


Rhonda Lowrey is new to Texas from South Carolina.

She has been volunteering at her grandson’s elementary school, R.E. Lee Elementary, for two years. Lowrey owned a hair and nail salon in South Carolina before her husband was transferred to Dallas for his job.

Lowrey is full of energy every morning at 7 a.m. when she starts the car pool line at Lee. The car pool line was Lowrey’s initiative because she noticed the children weren’t dropped off in an organized manner. Lowrey also dresses up as the school’s mascot, which is the cougar.

Lowrey said the students know her as MiMi and are always stopping her in the halls to say hi. One student only allows her to take him out of the car when his parents drop him off in the car pool line, calling her Ms. Rhonda. When asked why she volunteers, Lowrey simply said “the kids.”


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