Anne Frank students shine at GT Research Fair


It’s Wednesday afternoon, and scholars of subjects such as DNA, animal rights and immigration are gathered in the library at Anne Frank Elementary.

These scholars share their knowledge on such topics as the harm caused by animal cruelty and importance of the central nervous system. And, in this case, the scholars are Anne Frank Elementary students who became experts on their subjects through the annual GT Research Fair.

“I’m always impressed with what the students learn and come up with,” said Jeni Baldwin, Gifted & Talented teacher at Anne Frank Elementary.

The GT Research Fair allows Anne Frank Elementary students to choose whatever topic they want. The students then use credible sources to conduct research and seek out primary sources, such as a letter from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology giving detailed answers about chemistry, to learn more about their subjects.

The students turn what they learn into an informational poster board and separate report. They presented their findings and reports to other students and parents on Feb. 18.

“What I love about this project that they get to do it on whatever they want,” Baldwin said. “That’s what makes this project special.”

Daniel Bardales, a third-grader, chose the U.S. Armed Forces as his subject. On his poster, Bardales broke down some of the differences between the Army, Navy and Marines, and the location of some military bases.

Bardales said he chose the U.S. Armed Forces because, in part, of how they act heroically in movies.

“And it looks like they have a lot of action in real life,” he added.

On the other side of the library, Madelyn Vazquez presented her report on DNA. Vazquez told other students about the DNA molecule structure and how it is a nucleic acid. In researching about DNA, Vazquez said she was amazed DNA could be identified through a fingerprint, blood and hair.

Lisa Mead, the librarian at Anne Frank Elementary, helped the students in their research distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy online sources. She said she loves getting to see students present everything they learn at the GT Research Fair.

“It’s neat to see the culmination of their hard work,” she said.

See additional photos of the Research Fair.


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