Reception honors employees who responded to Ebola scare


Superintendent Mike Miles had high praise yesterday for staff members who kept students safe, communicated with parents and worked alongside government agencies and the medical community during last fall’s Ebola scare. About 75 employees from Maintenance, Counseling, Health, and Psychological and Social Services and their family members attended a district reception held in their honor Monday at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. Developer Trammel Crow donated the use of the facility for the occasion. The venue’s collection of rare Asian art served as the backdrop to the superintendent’s words of appreciation to the staff for their courageous and timely response to the crisis. He also saluted the staff members’ families and thanked them for supporting the employees who worked to keep schools open and safe.

“The fact that you stood by your family member during this time took courage,” Miles said. “I want to say thank you for allowing your loved one to be a part of the district.”

The reception was the culmination of previous recognition events conducted on the campuses where five students who were exposed to the Ebola virus attend school.

Director of Translation Services Ivette Cruz Weis perhaps spoke for all the honorees in expressing appreciation for the acknowledgment. “We are grateful for the recognition we have received from Superintendent Miles,” Weis said. “Even though recognition was not our motivation, knowing that our work is appreciated encourages us to continue working hard.”


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