Professional conduct emphasized to Dallas ISD employees


Professional conduct emphasized to Dallas ISD employees
Action steps put in place to reinforce high expectations of conduct

Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles sent both a written and videotaped message to all employees in the district today regarding his expectations of professionalism.

The superintendent said that events surrounding the resignation of two-high ranking district administrators are not reflective of the entire school district. Still, the incident provides an opportunity for growth.

“The recent events do serve as a powerful reminder that all of us need to strive to meet the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, and that the district needs to do even more to support and foster such a culture,” said Miles. “Thus, we will take this opportunity to put a plan in place that reinforces those high standards.”

Part of that plan includes:

• Immediately updating the district’s orientation training on professional conduct for new employees, as well as conducting training for central office staff, principals, and assistant principals during department meetings and over the summer.
• Conducting a review of the district’s Human Capital Management (HCM) office functions and procedures, including assembling a task force to review progress made over the last two years as recommended by human resources professionals across the region.
• Continue to develop a new evaluation instrument for central staff that emphasizes professional conduct and behavior, with a goal to have this in place by the beginning of next school year.

In addition, Miles has started a review of communications of directors and above, starting in HCM, to determine if there are other individuals or areas of concern in terms of inappropriate messages shared among staff.

“It is my expectation that these action steps will strengthen our culture and help the entire organization grow professionally,” said Miles. “Anything less for our students is unacceptable.”

Miles’ video message can be seen at:

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