SEM students make noise in regional math contest


Students from the School of Science and Engineering at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center fought to a third-place finish in the Metroplex Mathematics Contest on Jan. 17. SEM Students at Metroplex Math Contest

Approximately 18 students from the School of Science and Engineering, or SEM, competed against students from six other public or private schools in Dallas. This was the second year SEM students competed in the contest.

Students competed in tests ranging from geometry to calculus. If students had not completed the course, they participated in the closed division contest for that subject. Otherwise, students competed in the open division for a given subject. Students who placed in one of these contests are:

Geometry – closed:
Priyanshu Swar – fourth place

Precalculus – open:
Gaurachandra Das – fifth place
Miguel Del Rio – sixth place

Calculus – closed:
Taj Roy – fifth place

Calculus – open:
Quinn Torres – second place
Sirjan Kafle – fifth place

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