HCM ahead of the curve on 2015-2016 recruitment


Dallas ISD’s recruitment team is laser focused on repeating last year’s record of opening the school year with zero teacher vacancies.

Thanks to a yeoman’s effort by the team, the 2014 school year launched with a qualified teacher at the helm of every classroom, no mean feat for a district with more than 10,000 teachers. In an effort to keep that winning streak going, Human Capital Management has launched a newly revamped recruitment website and increased state, national and international recruitment efforts, progress that has placed it ahead of the curve to fully staff district classrooms for the coming school year.

“We have already committed to offering employment to over 400 educators for the coming year, which surpasses our goals,” said Tony Munoz, HCM executive director.

Last year, HCM began extending contract offers to teacher candidates mid-spring. This year, the department began the process several months earlier, a move that Munoz says places them ahead of where they were with teacher recruitment a year ago.

“The focus has been on visiting as many places as possible in order to get Dallas ISD’s name out there,” said Munoz, noting that recruitment efforts now focus more on finding the right candidates, analyzing trends, and building relationships to create pipelines for talent. The goal is to improve on the success of this year’s recruitment and staffing, a process the HCM team has continued to refine to improve its ability to hire talented teachers.

“HCM’s recruitment team has already surpassed all of our established benchmarks thus far,” said Munoz. “We are confident we will see another successful year of recruitment for the district.”

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