School staffers feel climate is improving


While students prepare to return to class from winter break, principals and staff are smiling a little wider these days, as results from the Fall 2014 Dallas ISD Climate Survey are in.

“I love what I do. I love my teachers. I love my school and I think that as long as you truly have a passion and you’re willing to treat people with, dignity and respect, and support them with their needs, in their learning and achieving their goals and growing – people respond to that,” said Carmela Levy-David, principal at John F. Kennedy Learning Center.

Principal Carmela Levy-David and her staff can attest to some of the reasons for high morale among district employees.

The top administrator at John F. Kennedy Learning Center models the support component to her teachers. This echoes most teacher survey responses who feel the quality of support they are receiving from their principals continues to improve.

Even during her one-on-one meetings Levy-David looks for ways to enhance the overall teaching environment. It’s why veteran teacher Maria Perpetua-VanHausen says she enjoys coming to work everyday.

“This is a family I’m in. It’s not just a professional family, but a social support system that we have in here,” Perpetua-VanHausen said.

The survey found that 74 percent of campus staff agree or strongly agree with the direction of their campus. This up four points from the Spring 2014 survey results.

More than 13,000 staff members chose to participate in the survey – the most ever – including more than 8,000 teachers.


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