VIDEO: Multiple Careers Magnet students give to brighten the lives of others

Wooden rocking horses, reindeer, and airplanes are just part of how students at Dallas ISD’s Multiple Careers Magnet give back to the community in the spirit of the holidays. Terry Stott’s wood working classes produce these colorful and fun creations to donate to charity.  This year saw the donations going to Ronald McDonald House in Dallas.
Stotts praised his students for working hared, but the effort is worth it to them.  “it’s kids helping kids.  It doesn’t get better than that,” he said, adding that he also looks forward to the project each year.  “I’m so blessed to have into a place where I can give back.  So blessed”
In addition, some of the items will be donated to the Maya Angelou High School, which is housed in the same building as Multiple Careers.  The Maya Angelou school supports students who are expectant teen mothers.