VIDEO: 1,400 teachers identified as most effective


Dallas ISD is breaking new ground with its Distinguished Teacher Review, or DTR, process. Principals across the district have identified their most effective teachers based on a set of criteria, and nominated them to be honored for their effectiveness in educating students.

José Munoz is principal at Cesar Chavez Learning Center. His school is among the list of campuses to have eligible teachers move forward within the review process.

“I think one of the things is to be visual learners, be visual teachers, showing presentations,” said Muñoz.

Muñoz even pulled aside one of his teachers preparing for her DTR review.

“She gives very detailed LOs and DOLs specific to the kids’ needs of learning,” said Munoz.

Muñoz said his teachers face a variety of challenges, including a significant homeless student population. It’s a big reason why he’s proud a number of his teachers are able to continue in the process.

“It’s quite important to not only see the teaching that goes on, not just in domains two and three that we see in spots, but also to see the whole teacher looking at how they manage their time, their professional preparation,” said Muñoz.

This is the first year the district has implemented TEI, the new teacher evaluation system. The district thinks reaching such a high number of eligible teachers speaks well of the program.

Because effective teaching is happening throughout the district, today, more than 1,400 teachers have been identified as the most effective in Dallas ISD.

Lindsay Coshatt, director of TEI says the next steps for these identified teachers will include an application submitted by the teacher.

“To really highlight their experiences in the three domains on the DTR rubric – leadership, life-long learning and contributions to the profession – and that will be assessed by a two-member team within HCM,” Coshatt said.

Teachers will receive their official invitation throughout the next couple weeks. They will have until January 22nd to submit their online application.


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