Science of Flight program puts learning on higher plane


At first glance, you simply see teachers in pairs, clutching a plastic garbage bag between them as they run, letting the wind push against the bag. The faster they run, the greater the force of the wind. A bit odd perhaps, until you realize they are conducting an experiment in wind resistance and velocity.

There were 30 fourth- and fifth-grade science teachers from Imagine 2020 schools who recently took part in the launch of the Science of Flight aviation program designed to invigorate STEM instruction and engage students by providing teachers with innovative, interactive ideas to replicate in the classroom.

As part of the launch, a professional development workshop took place at the Frontiers of Flight Aviation Museum and was made possible thanks to the Blue Sky Educational Foundation. The Science of Flight is a STEM-based, hands-on program that correlates with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and integrates with other content areas.

The teachers continued the daylong event with other fun and engaging activities guided by an elementary school teacher who has taught aviation principles in her classroom for more than 10 years.
In addition to the hands-on activities, each teacher received a large trunk of teaching resources to support the curriculum.

This is the second year the Blue Sky Educational Foundation has partnered with the Frontiers of Flight Museum to bring innovative science education to teachers in the Imagine 2020 schools. Blue Sky will provide ongoing teacher and school support throughout the year. Part of that support includes an educational trip to the Frontiers of Flight Museum for students and teachers, as well as an event at the museum for students and their families.

Imagine 2020 is the district’s strategic feeder pattern initiative designed to increase student academic achievement, increase college- and career-readiness, and develop teachers to be their best. Through the initiative, schools receive additional support to help accelerate student achievement and deepen student learning.

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