Career fairs offer teacher candidates introduction


The freezing temperatures weren’t enough to dissuade soon-to-be-graduates of University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University from coming out to the recent Education Career Fair in Denton. Dallas ISD joined school districts from Texas and beyond at the event where they met with potential teacher recruits, collecting résumés and discussing opportunities in our schools.

The talent acquisition group in Human Capital Management travels to job fairs as close as downtown Dallas, and as far as Spain and Puerto Rico in search of the best candidates to educate students.

According to Talent Leader Jordan Carlton, the chance to meet with candidates one-on-one helps the district stand out, and gives recruiters the ability to address specific concerns of each individual.

Job fairs “allow the recruiter to build a relationship with a candidate, making it much easier to discuss them with a principal. The candidate can elaborate on and showcase their abilities and accomplishments. Possibly most important, the recruiter can make an early offer on the spot if they determine someone is a great fit for the district,” explained Carlton.

Potential recruits should come equipped with résumés and questions, and be ready to discuss their specific interests and skills. Carlton noted, “Getting questions from candidates helps us tailor our discussions to their particular interests.”

Because Dallas ISD is committed to recruiting highly effective staff, supporting them in their work and rewarding them for their impact, the recruitment team seeks out every opportunity to find impactful teacher candidates.

“Travel is crucial to building the pool of talent for the district. Teacher recruitment is extremely competitive, so each job fair helps us gain another potential teacher for Dallas ISD,” said Carlton.

Check out the Dallas ISD Spring 2015 Recruitment Calendar, although more dates will be added as events are confirmed. For the most up to date information on where to meet with district recruiters, visit their website or contact the Human Capital Management office.

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