Students return to school one day earlier than expected


Four of five Dallas ISD students who have been cleared by health authorities to resume regular activities following an exposure to the Ebola virus returned to school this morning, one day earlier than expected.

The students were cleared at midnight to resume normal activities. They had been advised to come back to school tomorrow, Oct. 21. The district learned this morning of the students’ intentions after they arrived at school.

“While we had planned on them coming back to school Tuesday, they were obviously eager to return back to the school environment and decided on their own to attend,” said Superintendent Mike Miles. “Because they have been cleared by medical authorities and pose no health risk to any students or staff, we have no intent on sending them home. Their interest in getting back into school is encouraging.”

School counselors and staff, who had already been preparing for their return, welcomed the students upon arrival. Staff has been advised to watch for any signs of bullying.

In addition, three other students exposed to the virus who had previously attended schools in Richardson ISD will now be attending Jill Stone Elementary School at Vickery Meadow. Similar to the other five students, the 21-day waiting period for these students is over and the students pose no health risk to others. The students are scheduled to attend school at Stone tomorrow.

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