Health concerns eased in Dallas ISD


It was day two of easing concerns for students, staff and parents across the district and at Dan D. Rogers Elementary School, Principal Lisa Lovato says today was just another day.

“For us to remain one collaborative unit for our students and to show them that it’s business as usual today,” Lovato said.

She says what helped was the amount of resources provided from the district and better understanding from outside organizations.

“We had a doctor from Children’s Medical Center come out and they actually were able to explain the Ebola virus and give us some understanding of it,” Lovato said.

The message of understanding is also what helped ease some anxiety of Ashley Jackson, parent of a 5-year-old student at Rogers.

“They are doing an excellent job on the messages and the paperwork,” Jackson said.

But Jackson says that didn’t deter her from keeping her daughter from school.

“I wanted her to get her education, to continue her education and not get behind on her school work,” Jackson said.

It’s that message to reassure parents like Jackson, that the five students exposed to the virus have shown no signs or symptoms, and cause no imminent danger to others.

That’s why teachers and staff joined together to wear their “Keep Calm and Learn On” t-shirts. Lovato urges all to listen to this.

“We just ask you to have faith in us and that we’re doing everything in our power to keep your students safe,” Lovato said.


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