BEST OF: Four Dallas ISD Schools Named “Most Transformational”


Editor’s note: During Dallas ISD’s Winter Break, The Hub will take a look back at some of the best and most popular stories. This story was originally published on Sept.18, 2014.

Newsweek’s Daily Beast has recently recognized four Dallas ISD schools in its list of the “Top 25 Most Transformational Change-Making Schools in the Nation.”  The schools were recognized for their academic progress, often in spite of the economic status of the families they serve. In its online article, the publication noted that “Research has proven that economic deprivation negatively impacts education, but we wanted to take note of the schools that were beating the odds and experiencing incredible academic success despite high poverty levels.”

Under the headline “Doing the Most with the Least,” the Rosie Sorrells School of Education and Social Services was ranked fifth on the list.

Sorrells Principal Dr. Sheila Brown believes the acknowledgement is a testament to the fact that the school is aligned with its mission of ensuring every student is engaged in quality learning experiences that will prepare them for future success in their college and career goals.

“We believe and strive to improve student academic achievement for all students,” said Brown. “In doing so, we consider ourselves a school with a great heart for students. Hard work on the part of students and staff, coupled with a sincere passion for the work done daily and compassion for our students equal a formula for student success.”

Described as a magnet school that provides a rigorous college-preparatory program along with a career and technology emphasis that prepares students for success in their college and career endeavors, Sorrells, ranked fifth on the list, has a 100 percent graduation rate, of which, 97 percent are college-bound graduates.

“The Rosie Sorrells School of Education and Social Work continues to strive to reach the goals of Destination 2020 by focusing on the classroom,” said Dr. Brown. “To empower our students, we work to put systems in place that involve making data-driven decisions, continuous planning and creating a culture of support for students, parents and staff. We want all of our students to be college ready upon graduating.”

In addition to Sorrells, the School of Science and Engineering (7), the School of Business and Management (14), and the Trinidad “Trini” Garza Early College High School (16) also made the list.

The schools’ recognition by the Daily Beast is an example of the programs Destination 2020 is designed to create as the district aims to increase its focus on the classroom by raising the quality of instruction, modernizing curriculum and expanding school options.

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