CATCH program urges healthy habits

The Health and Physical Education department wants schools to get students up and moving and to increase their awareness and practice of healthy nutrition and physical activity. To make it happen, the department has developed a full year’s calendar of activities as part of its Coordinated School Health Initiative, or the CATCH program. A program to help keep kids healthy isn’t just a good idea, it’s actually mandated by Texas Education Code for grades K-8.  Full details of the program are online.

The annual CATCH calendar combines a list of national observances, local events, daily themes, and character education tie-ins.

Campus CATCH coordinators may select from a variety of suggested activities to promote physical wellness to their students every six weeks. Schools are encouraged to launch their CATCH program with a schoolwide kickoff during the first six weeks of school. The CATCH program even has its own lingo. Many activities are branded MVP—M for move and stay active; V for value healthy eating; and P for practice healthy habits.

To support schools in their efforts, the Health and P.E. Department offers an online CATCH Coordination Toolkit that includes resources such as MVP morning announcements, MVP cafeteria signage, MVP physical education games, pledge sheets, certificates and a letter that can be sent home to parents to encourage them to get their kids exercising and eating healthfully.

Schools that hold their CATCH kickoff in September are eligible to enter a drawing for a set of school posters.  To be included in the drawing, coordinators should send one photo with a caption about their CATCH Kick-Off Week to


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