School finance ruling supports our work


On Aug. 28, state District Judge John Dietz ruled that the current Texas school funding system does not suitably, adequately or equitably provide the resources necessary to give all students a genuine opportunity to meet the state’s rising expectations.

The ruling is significant for the Dallas Independent School District and other ISDs because it supports the belief that the state has significantly raised academic standards but its funding commitment does not match its expectations. This means our school district and others do not have the necessary resources to support student achievement for all students, particularly those who are economically disadvantaged.

The court’s ruling doesn’t mark the end of the journey, as an appeal of the decision is expected. However, it’s a step in the right direction, said Superintendent Mike Miles.

Students in Dallas are working hard daily to reach higher levels of achievement, and Dallas ISD is dedicated to providing its teachers and schools with the tools to support those efforts. The district supports and applauds the court’s finding that the current school funding system does not provide the resources necessary to give all students a real opportunity to meet the state’s rising expectations.

Dallas ISD is thankful to our community for providing the resources necessary to best educate our No. 1 priority – the education of nearly 161,000 boys and girls. However, the district and its peers across the state urge the Texas Legislature to fulfill its constitutional mandate that ensures the amount of funding provided to districts is linked to the performance expectations.

The evidence at trial showed large performance gaps between Texas’ economically disadvantaged students and their non-economically disadvantaged peers. Through its Destination 2020 strategic plan, Dallas ISD is working to close that gap. We believe the time is now to provide the resources necessary to support that work.


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