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As we continue our journey toward Destination 2020, the school leaders and I recognize that we must also continue to over-communicate and make sense of the initiatives. In an organization of this size, it is unfortunately too easy for messages to become mixed, or information to be misconstrued by the time it gets to the teacher or staff member who is actually trying to implement the changes.

“Notes from the Superintendent” are intended to assist with sense-making. My hope is that they provide answers to the most frequently asked or most topical questions that I hear from teachers or staff members at the campus level. These notes will be kept on the HUB, the District’s on-line newsroom, and will provide brief answers to different questions every two weeks.

If you have a question related to something that affects a number of employees, you may submit that question at

I hope this additional form of communication will help all of us stay on the same page and enhance our ability to serve our students.

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