Pease Elementary welcomes Bushman Elementary students into their family as Dallas ISD builds new campus


Approximately 300 students and 18 staffers from W.W. Bushman Elementary will start the 2022-23 school year as new members of the Elisha M. Pease Elementary School family.

Pease Elementary will serve as a temporary home for students from both campuses while Dallas ISD builds a new school that will host 1,000 students.

“I am excited to see new faces because the students bring us joy,” said Pease Elementary Principal Sharri Zachary. “We have a phenomenal team of teachers who are committed, not only to the students but to our community. They’re looking forward to receiving all of their students in their classrooms. They’ve been planning for their return and they’ll be here for them throughout the year.”

Because Elisha M. Pease Elementary is using the Intersession calendar, Bushman and Pease will start school on Aug. 8.

This week, the school will host August Accelerator Days & Back-to-School / Meet The Teacher meetings for Bush and Pease families. Parents of students in grades third through fifth can attend the August 4th event, and parents of students in Pre-K through fifth grade can attend the one on August 5th.

“Our whole goal is to welcome everyone in our communities to the campus so that families can familiarize themselves with our school and our systems, ask questions and get clarity in any of the things that they’ve been wanting to know,” Principal Zachary said. “At the end of the day we’ll have community vendors here on site. Our clubs and activities will also be here for parents if they’re interested in signing their students up.”

Under the Intersession calendar, school starts Aug. 8 and ends June 23. This creates time for five additional intersession weeks spread throughout the year. Not all students will be asked to attend the extra intersession weeks.

The future campus, Albert C. Black Elementary School, will stand at the existing site of W. W. Bushman Elementary. The budget to build and equip the new campus is almost $31 million. Black Elementary is scheduled to open its doors to all students from both Pease and Bushman in August 2024.


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