Dallas ISD will not tolerate vandalism or threatening claims


Vandalism has no place at any Dallas ISD school. Unfortunately, a recent social media trend has captivated students’ attention, encouraging them to participate in a TikTok game known as “The Bathroom Challenge” or “The Devious Lick Challenge”.

In a letter issued to parents last week, Chief of School Leadership Tiffany Huitt emphasized the type of consequences students involved will face. Huitt shared, the Dallas ISD Police Department will investigate each instance of property damage classified as a felony offense. If a student is involved in criminal activity, the district may prosecute them, which by law, could lead to a hefty fine and/or jail time. Charges of criminal mischief are serious offenses, where an individual knowingly damages or tampers with another person’s property causing financial loss amounting to $2,500 or greater.

There has also been a growing concern with the number of non-credible social media threats this school year. These are considered terroristic threats and are also punishable by law. Students should think twice before making, sharing or distributing claims that may not be true to avoid severe consequences by the district, Dallas ISD Police, Dallas Police Department or the FBI. 

School safety remains Dallas ISD’s top priority each day. Together, we need everyone to do their part in achieving that goal.

To view a copy of the full letter from Huitt, click here.

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