Dallas ISD Teacher of the Year Finalist Spotlight: Peter Morrissey from Alex Sanger Preparatory School


Peter Morrissey, a 17-year educator in Dallas, teaches general education and English as a Second Language at Alex Sanger Preparatory School. A graduate of Texas State University, he works with teachers and the community to ensure that his campus provides a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities for all students. Mr. Morrissey’s commitment has led to a boost in campus morale, campus achievement, and campus facilities, said Principal Hector Martinez.  “As the student activities coordinator, he has increased the number of students and teachers participating in school clubs, UIL activities, and after-school enrichment. Mr. Morrissey mentors teachers to new education, teachers new to the campus, and student interns. He has led by example and can be depended on to go beyond the call of duty.” His most important impact, however, has been in his kindergarten classroom, the principal said. “His approach to making his students feel loved and accepted is felt even through the computer screen… His students’ achievements go beyond grade level and beyond the four walls of his classroom.”

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