Dallas ISD Teacher of the Year Finalist Spotlight: Aaron Stewart from Skyline High School


Los Angeles native and alumni of D.W. Carter High School Aaron Stewart teaches English I at Skyline High School. At Carter, Stewart became a stand-out football player and member of the school choir and National Honor Society. It was also at Carter that he became a founding member of the student mentoring program, Fostering Underclassmen To Utilize and Respect Education, perhaps foreshadowing his future career calling. Following graduation from the University of North Texas, Mr. Stewart’s desire to teach students from backgrounds similar to his own led him to Skyline High School, where his history as a poor, fatherless, Black student allowed him to easily connect with those from similar circumstances. Inspired by the recognition that past teachers, coaches, and mentors exposed him to possibilities that were once hidden, he has made his life’s mission revealing to students the possibilities beyond what they can see, using knowledge and education as a guiding compass.

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