Dorsey Elementary is home to future community leaders


A leadership educational model coming to Julius Dorsey Elementary School next school year will expand innovative learning options for students in that community.

“We are excited about the opportunity to provide the Pleasant Grove community with a great innovation school in their neighborhood,” said Principal Rubinna Sanchez.

Dorsey Elementary, a neighborhood campus, will be an innovation school under the district’s Public School Choice initiative. Innovation schools are non-application based and offer additional educational models within their traditional curriculum, in order to provide more innovative options for families in their own backyard. 

Staff at Dorsey Elementary will combine academics with social and emotional learning, critical thinking and service learning to develop leadership skills in students and inspire them to become change-makers in their community. 

“We are infusing specific SEL characteristics and making real-world connections that specifically demonstrate that trait within the school and Pleasant Grove communities,” said Sanchez.

The community service/philanthropy focus will include music, a community garden, canned food drives, beautification and recycling, among other programs. 

“Outdoor garden classrooms bring the abstract to real life through active and hands-on learning, while encouraging creativity and discipline,” Sanchez said. “Taking care of a garden encourages teamwork, leadership skills, individual responsibility and a commitment to success.”

In addition, students and staff will engage in the school “house” system of four categories: character, relationships, school spirit and service.

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