Dallas ISD celebrates Social Work Appreciation Month


March is Social Work Appreciation Month, and it’s a time to thank the outstanding social workers in Dallas ISD who help families every day.

Dallas ISD Mental Health Services has over 25 social workers who serve as licensed mental health clinicians, and the Dallas ISD Special Education Department has five social workers who assist families.

Across both departments, these staff members are advocates and changemakers who support the health and wellbeing of children and families.

“Their work is critical in ensuring our students have every opportunity to succeed, both at school and at home,” said Dianna Smoot, executive director of Dallas ISD Mental Health Services. “We are thankful for Dallas ISD’s commitment to supporting students’ emotional health and to the many social workers who do this life-changing work each day.”

Meanwhile, special education social workers go above and beyond to support district students and parents of students who receive special education services. In addition to monthly parent training sessions and daily case management, district social workers respond to requests for assistance with their heart and full attention for each family.

“We don’t thank them often enough for the lives that they save and stress that they relieve for so many on a regular basis,” said Juany Valdespino-Gaytán, executive director of engagement services. “Thank you to our admirable social workers for always giving their all to ensure student and family wellbeing.”

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