Seven social and emotional learning tips to use at home


The Dallas ISD Social and Emotional Learning Department is providing seven helpful tips to incorporate social and emotional learning at home.

  1. When your child is feeling stressed, ask how they feel: When you do check-in about feelings, you are sending the message that their feelings matter and that you care.
  2. When your child has a hard time making a decision, provide choices and respect their wishes: When children have a chance to make choices, they learn how to solve problems. Letting children make decisions teaches them that their ideas, feelings, and perspective matter.
  3. When feelings and social issues are difficult to talk about, read books and stories together: Reading aloud is a way to share something enjoyable and learn about how other people deal with common issues like making or losing friends or handling conflicts.
  4. When your child is having a disagreement with a sibling, friend or member of the home, ask questions that help children solve problems on their own: When children have a problem, do not step in and take over. Instead, try to ask good questions and encourage them to find their own appropriate solutions.
  5. When your child is feeling insecure, focus on strengths: First praise what they did well and then talk about what can be improved. Do not just criticize the things that were wrong.
  6. When you make a mistake, be willing to apologize: If you miscommunicate, apologize and calmly explain what you really meant. Being a good role model means teaching that it is possible to work through problems with consideration and respect for others.
  7. When you are feeling stressed or uncertain: Be patient and kind with each other. It’s ok to take a break, go for a walk, or have some alone time. It’s important for our children to know that adults can get stressed or upset too, but that there are positive ways for managing those big emotions.
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