Making A Difference Together: Dallas ISD mom adjusts to working, teaching and parenting from home


As schools across Dallas and the country closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, millions of parents suddenly began working from home while teaching and parenting. Juggling multiple roles at once can be challenging, but also full of opportunity.

B.H. Macon Elementary has always made it a goal to connect with parents and the community to ensure student success.  Parents are valued partners, and now with their new role as teachers they are encouraged to help with at-home learning during the COVID-19 crisis.

Maritza Lopez, a pre-K mom at Macon, says her experience teaching during this time has given her more time to bond with her daughter and to know where she is academically. Lopez works full time from home but has been able to come up with fun activities to keep her daughter engaged in learning with the help of her teacher, Ms. Rosa Yabur.

“This time at home has given us more family time,” Lopez said. “We go on walks together, we have picnics in our yard, we play hide and seek. Our kids are definitely enjoying spending time with mom and dad.”

For weeks, parents, teachers and students have been adjusting to the new normal of staying home while social distancing.

“It’s been hard to do house chores and at the same time teach my three kids because they all have different assignments, but I try to understand that it’s all worth it for my kids to learn,” said Brenda Garcia, a first-grade mom. “During this time, my family and I have learned that we must always be prepared for any type of problem that occurs and do things in a way that is best for us and our future.”

For other parents, like Mercedes Chiquito, a pre-K mom, sometimes it’s been difficult to keep a routine. It has been hard to do housework, prepare meals and take care of kids while also teaching them, but she has had great support from her son’s teacher.

“In these moments where life changed for all of us, we must be thankful for everything we have and never lose faith,” Chiquito said. “I hope things go back to normal soon so my children can go out without fear and can return to school to see their teachers and classmates.”

The most important thing that parents can do with their children during this at-home learning time is to create a routine that they will follow each day.

“Teachers are only a phone call or email message away to help parents,” said Principal Antonio Verduzco. “We are more than grateful for the understanding, cooperation and the newfound efforts that parents are making during these challenging times. As the first teachers of your students, you have now taken on the role of teacher and parent, and we cannot say ‘Thank You’ enough, and we hope that taking each lesson a step at a time will help to continue the learning each day.”

Thank you, Macon Mustangs, for helping us in Making a Difference Together!

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