District implements rate increases for substitute teachers


To stay competitive in the market and provide the support needed for students and campuses, Dallas ISD has increased the per diem rates for substitute teachers.

The substitute compensation increases will not require the allocation of additional district funds and will be covered primarily by using the cost savings of the decreased fill rate for the first part of the 2019-2020 school year in the existing substitute budget allocations. The plan also creates a new per diem rate for special education specialized unit substitute teachers and a special per diem for retired Dallas ISD teachers. An active teacher certification is required to qualify for the retired Dallas ISD teacher rate.

The new rates are below and will be implemented starting Jan. 3, 2020.



Dallas ISD Rate Adjustment January 3, 2020
Teacher Assistant   $78
Teacher Non-Degreed   $85
Teacher Degreed   $100
Teacher Certified   $110
Retired Dallas ISD Teacher*   $120
Special Education Units**   $115

* An active teacher certification is required to qualify for the Retired Dallas ISD Teacher rate.

** Must be serving as a teacher in a 6062 Special Education unit job code to qualify.

*** Must have an active teacher certification with SBEC to qualify for these rates.

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