Inside Dallas ISD: Two-Way Dual Language program


Two-Way Dual Language programs teach students to read, write and speak in two languages.

Two-Way Dual Language instruction is currently offered at 51 Dallas ISD elementary schools, four middle schools and one high school.

Parent Rhonda Edmundson whose twins have attended a dual language program since early childhood said the program has helped her daughters become more academically competitive, socially confident and prepared to participate in a world of additional languages and cultures.

“Having our girls involved in the two-way dual-language program was a no-brainer,” Edmundson said. “When I think about their future jobs and their future opportunities, we live in a global world and I don’t want to tie them to Texas for the rest of their lives. But, if they should stay here, their Spanish abilities will help them right here at home as well. We live in a global society, and language is really the key to unlocking business opportunities.”

Dallas ISD Two Way Dual Language Parent Testimonial

Students can enroll in the program in pre-K through first grade, and the program extends through elementary as students advance, promoting their development in their first and second language.

Students can continue their dual language education at the secondary level in grades six through 11. To qualify for the secondary dual language program, students must have participated in an elementary dual language program and be able to demonstrate fluency in Spanish.

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