Trustees briefed on ‘work-in-progress’ plan to address school facility needs


Dallas ISD officials briefed trustees Thursday on a proposal that sets strategic facility goals to modernize facilities and create greater efficiencies. District officials said the proposal is a work in progress and is expected to continue to evolve.

Dallas ISD Deputy Superintendent Scott Layne emphasized that any of the actions proposed in the Strategic Facilities Plan—such as consolidating, closing or building new schools—are just considerations at this point, and each would have to be approved by trustees and incorporate community feedback. Layne said an approved future bond program—the earliest possibility being in 2021—would also be necessary to turn the proposed plan into reality.

The Strategic Facilities Plan Version 1.1 presented to trustees Nov. 1 proposes 17 new replacement campuses, two school closures and two demolitions. The previous Strategic Facilities Plan Version 1.0, which was presented to trustees during a Sept. 22 workshop, proposed 25 new replacement campuses, 22 school closures and 47 demolitions.

The draft Strategic Facilities Plan 1.1 is entirely separate from the Long-Range Master Plan, which simply provides data and information relative to facilities assessments, conditions and capacity/enrollment at every school.

Layne repeated throughout his presentation to trustees that the Strategic Facilities Plan 1.1 is a draft plan and will likely continue to evolve.

“We will continue to listen to and work with our community members and stakeholders as we go forward with identifying how we can make a long-term investment in district schools and a vision for renovated and modern campuses,” Layne said. “Together we can create the next generation of learning environments that set all students up for success.”

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