Jiv Daya Foundation donates Kindle tablets to 38 Dallas ISD schools


Third-graders at Martin Weiss Elementary School filed into the gym recently not knowing they would be “trapped” in an escape room until finishing several academic tasks.

In small groups, they would complete reading, science, math and art challenges to decode a message that would tell them that each student would be receiving an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet to use for schoolwork. Teachers also receive Kindles and training on how to maximize their use. The Kindles are issued to each student, and the devices stay at school.

The creative “reveal” was one of several methods that Dallas ISD schools used to tell students about the Kindles and inject some fun and learning into the mix.

Since 2011, the Jiv Daya Foundation has donated Amazon Kindle tablets to a total of 80 Dallas ISD schools. This year, 38 schools received the Kindles for third- through fifth-grade students to use in class. The 2018 donations are going to schools in the Adamson, Carter, Jefferson, Molina, Sunset, Seagoville and Wilmer-Hutchins feeder patterns.

The Jiv Daya Foundation provides targeted grants to improve the quality of healthcare and education around the world. The foundation works primarily in India and Dallas to carry out its mission.

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