Students learn TV production, tech skills in elementary’s Media Club


When students in the Media Club at Dallas ISD’s Larry G. Smith Elementary School turn on the lights, cameras and spring into action, they are learning crucial skills that could help them in their careers.

Students produce a morning newscast with the help of PE teacher and Club director Paul Curbow.

“They are responsible for getting everything set up, they do turn on all the cameras, they turn on all the TVs, the lights, they go get the kids that are actually doing the announcements for the day,” Curbow said. “I am here to help facilitate any way that I can and direct them if they need extra assistance.”

In the meantime, students are being introduced to technology, gaining confidence through public speaking an even learning to discern what information is accurate for their productions, said Principal Lora Morris. “That ties in with 21st-century skills,” she said.

Assistant Principal James Davis said the opportunity for students is incredible. “I’ve never seen such production at the elementary level since becoming involved in education,” he said.

Part of the production is a “Coach’s Corner,” and late in the school year, the show included STAAR questions with instructional coach Michelle Weiner. “The children work really hard in their research and putting everything together,” she said.

Students understand the Media Club offers them a world of opportunities.

“I see the news, and I wanted to get the experience to see what it would be like to be on camera,” one students said. “And another thing is that I like technology.”

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