Organization provides books promoting protection of animals


The Texas Humane Legislation Network is providing books about animals to 10 Dallas ISD elementary schools in Pleasant Grove.

Earlier this month, the books were delivered to Julius Dorsey Elementary. Felicia Kerney, Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County, spoke to the students about her work prosecuting people who abuse animals. In addition, Laura Donahue and Shelby Bobosky talked about the work that the Texas Humane Legislation Network does to support laws that protect animals.

Donahue explained that their hope is that fewer laws will have to be made because more people will treat animals well because they are educated about their proper treatment and care. The books will be delivered to the Library Services Processing Center and then made available to students through the school libraries.

The other nine schools receiving books are: William Anderson, John Ireland, Edward Titche, John Runyon, John Quincy Adams, Annie Webb Blanton, William A. Blair, Richard Lagow and Nancy Moseley elementary schools.

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