Greenville Avenue Area Business Association provides college scholarships to nine graduates


Recognizing the importance of public education, the Greenville Avenue Area Business Association (GAABA) continues its support of the following high schools: Emmett J. Conrad, North Dallas and Woodrow Wilson. Since 2009, this organization has generously supported Dallas students with funds generated through the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Greenville Avenue and Jorge Levy’s Savor Mexico culinary competition.

“Each year the scholarship applications reveal wonderful students with remarkable accomplishments and big dreams,” says Jane Didear of Dallas ISD Volunteer and Partnership Services. “We are thankful to the Greenville Avenue Area Business Association for supporting the dreams of these nine graduating seniors.”

At North Dallas High School:
Alexandria Cox -$1,000  Texas A&M; Social Work
Natalie Chaparro Gonzalez – $1,500  University of North Texas; Business
Alec Mireles-Montoya – $2,500  University of Texas at Austin; Accounting

At Woodrow Wilson High School:
Will Maddux- $1,000   Texas A&M; Environmental Geosciences
Alex Aguinaga – $1,500   TWU;  Business Management
Catherine Rosas – $2,500 Texas A&M; Environmental Engineering

At Emmett J. Conrad High School:
Anjana Lamichhaney – $1,000  University of Texas at Arlington; Biology / Cardiologist
Bawi Knem Par – $1,500  Texas A&M; Sociology
Denis Cruz- $2,500 University of Texas  at San Antonio; Software Development/ Computer Science

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