Athletic trainers at each district high school boost student safety, care


Did you know that it’s a Dallas ISD priority to have a full-time, on-campus athletic trainer at each high school campus?

It’s true! Dallas ISD is among only 37 percent of public school districts in the nation that put such a high priority on athletic trainers. March is National Athletic Training Month, so it’s a great time to recognize the athletic trainers who protect and care for Dallas ISD student-athletes. This year’s slogan for the month is “Your protection is our priority.”

Ryan Peña, Sports Medicine Manager at Dallas ISD, has seen the benefits that come from an athletic trainer providing one-on-one availability to student-athletes.

“Managing injuries at school, rather than sending the patient to the emergency department, saves money and time loss,” Peña said. “Our trainers get the student-athletes back to activity safely.”

Whether at practice or at a game, athletic trainers have a wide range of responsibilities. From healing a sprained ankle to providing immediate emergency care in serious injury situations, athletic trainers are tasked with focusing on the health of student athletes. Being on campus every day allows athletic trainers to build relationships with their student-athletes and succeed in providing the necessary continuous care.

Just as professional and college athletes do, Dallas ISD student athletes have access to athletic-trainers that are motivated to care for and protect them.



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