Dallas ISD special programs and schools receive more than 13,000 applications


Dallas ISD’s special programs and schools received more than 13,000 applications during the application period that closed Jan. 31.

Students had about two months to apply to attend a Dallas ISD magnet school, transformation school, Two-Way Dual Language program, or collegiate academy.

Dallas ISD Chief of School Leadership Stephanie Elizalde said the number of applications shows a high demand for the district’s special programs and schools.

“Dallas ISD is committed to providing a best-fit education for all students, whether that is at one of our neighborhood schools or special programs,” Elizalde said. “Regardless of a student’s interest or abilities, Dallas ISD has a school or program that will fit their needs.”

Magnet schools

Dallas ISD is home to some of the nation’s top magnet schools. Students applying to attend one of the district magnet schools had to meet certain eligibility requirements.

Magnet schools received 6,226 applications.

Transformation schools

Transformation schools tap into students’ individual interests, learning styles and aspirations. These schools are open enrollment across the district and do not have any academic entry requirements.

Transformation schools received 1,700 applications.

Collegiate academies

Students who attend a collegiate academy can earn up to 60 hours of college credit or an associate degree concurrently while earning a high school diploma.

Collegiate academies received 4,824 applications.

Two-Way Dual Language Program

The Two-Way Dual-Language program puts Spanish-speaking and English-speaking students in the same classroom, teaches them the same curriculum in both languages, and creates bilingual, bi-cultural and bi-literate students.

The Two-Way Dual Language program received 700 applications.

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