AlumNow: Booker T. Washington grad sews successful clothing business


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Charlotte Del Rose, a 1980 graduate of Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts, now resides in Los Angeles and is a vintage clothing dealer, stylist and seamstress for vintage and costume shops.

AlumNow, the Hub feature that profiles Dallas ISD alumni, connected with Del Rose who shared how her high school and life experiences helped her find her passions.

What are you doing now?

I am a vintage clothing dealer, stylist and seamstress. I buy, sell and repair vintage clothing for antique shows and sell costumes at Halloween.

Briefly list a few of your career and/or personal highlights.

I was one of a small number of student accepted to go on a summer school program to Oxford University. I worked in the film industry for 22 years as a film festival programmer specializing in foreign, independent and documentary films.

What was your favorite subject or activity/involvement in high school?

I enjoyed getting to interact with students from all the different clusters and all of my art classes.

Who was your favorite teacher?

Joanne Traeger, my drawing teacher. She was so encouraging, helpful, kind, patient, interesting. We stayed in touch for years after I graduated.

What lessons did you learn in high school or beyond that that has served you well through the years?

I learned to not judge anyone by their race or gender identity, and to be open to new and different experiences and people.

What advice, if any, would you offer to high school students today?

Find a school or area of study that you love and work hard to achieve something in that area.


Southern Methodist University, 1987

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