African American Success Initiative partners with yoga pros to bring mindfulness to students


Dallas ISD’s African American Success Initiative has partnered with the Dallas Yoga Center owners Daniel and David Sunshine and Karletha Gundy, a certified yoga instructor and founder of Push Through Coaching, to offer an amazing experience through Mindfulness training.

“The goal of this partnership is to support the work of the principals and teachers in an effort to mitigate classroom disruptions while providing meaningful tools and techniques to stimulate learning and increase focus,” said Jamila Thomas, a Dallas ISD AASI coordinator. “Ultimately, as this partnership grows, parent and family engagement will become a critical piece through this opportunity in our attempt to develop students in a holistic way.”

Dallas Yoga Center has been providing yoga, meditation, and integrative wellness to the Dallas Community for over 27 years. During that time, DYC has consistently seen its mindfulness offerings transform the lives of children and adults. DYC’s experience is backed by multiple scientific studies showing that mindfulness improves focus, decreases stress and increases academic performance.

“DYC is committed to our partnership with Dallas ISD’s African American Success Initiative to realize the proven benefits of integrating mindfulness in the classroom,” said David and Daniel Sunshine of the Dallas Yoga Center. “We are enthusiastic about this great opportunity to improve the lives of Dallas children and the greater community.”

“In working in conjunction with the Dallas Yoga Center and Dallas ISD African American Success Initiative, students will learn alternative methods of dealing with emotion and positive ways to express themselves inside and outside of the classroom,” added Gundy.

Evidence Of The Benefits Of Mindfulness In Education:
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