Sunday Family Fun Walks prove popular at Rosemont


Students at the Rosemont Schools are on the move.

The Rosemont Schools have launched a new “Kids on the Move” healthy kids initiative in partnership with the Cooper Institute. The mission of “Kids on the Move” is simple: promote lifelong health and wellness focused on school-aged children and their families.

As part of the “Kids on the Move” activities, some Rosemont families have been gathering on the weekend to go on Sunday Family Fun Walks. Each Sunday walk includes a three-mile walk around both campuses and into the local nature center.

“The response so far to ‘Kids on the Move’ has just been phenomenal,” Rosemont Schools Principal Rachel Moon said. “The initiative has helped our students, families, and our staff grow closer while getting active.”

The Cooper Institute promoted the launch of the “Kids on the Move” program at Rosemont in September. They gave the school all the equipment needed to complete the state-mandated FitnessGram Assessments. Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper from the Cooper Institute also talked with students about what it means to be healthy and fit.

Rosemont has also started running clubs at both the upper and lower campuses.

“It’s exciting to see the Rosemont community thriving in new and progressive ways,” Moon said. “We are working together to stay healthy, build each other up, and live active, long lives together.”

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