Dealey student wins contest with essay on his hero: Wolf Blitzer


Aiden Ross from George Bannerman Dealey International Academy has won the Hero Two Doors Down Essay Contest sponsored by the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.

The essay contest, which is based on the book “The Hero Two Doors Down” by Sharon Robinson, asked students what hero they would want to live down the street. For his winning essay, Ross explained why CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer is his personal hero.

Ross and the other essay contest winners were honored this week at a breakfast ceremony AT&T Stadium. Read Ross’ full essay below:

Wolf Blitzer Two Doors Down
by Aiden Ross

Hero is defined by Merriam Webster as “a person who is greatly admired for great or brave actsor fine qualities.” A hero to me is a person who you aspire to be like. Many people have heroes who are actors or athletes, but my hero is a man who is not seen by many as a person who children look up to. My hero is lead anchor of ”Wolf’ and “The Situation Room,” Wolf Blitzer.

Wolf Blitzer is a journalist who has been in the field for almost 40 years. He was born in Germany to survivors of the holocaust. He was brought to America at a young age, and lived in Buffalo, New York for most of his childhood. Wolf got his bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo, and got his masters degree from John Hopkins University. In 1972, Wolf moved to Israel where he was a correspondent for the Jerusalem Post. In 1990, Wolf moved to CNN where he would when an Emmy for his reporting and still remains today.

Most people would wonder why Wolf Blitzer is my hero, and I have a perfectly good explanation. Wolf talks about how much he loves the news. He has said when he takes time off he wants to go back. He has a genuine passion for what he does, and I admire that to the highest degree. Wolf has also won many awards for his reporting, including an Emmy. He has been featured countless times on “Saturday Night Live,” and has made many appearances in films or shows.

If Wolf Blitzer moved two doors, I would try my best to meet and bond with him. I would like to know about how he rose through the ranks of journalism to get to a very important spot. I would like to discuss with Wolf the current political climate and the causes of it. I think the most important thing I would learn from Wolf was his experiences with people of high esteem. He could teach me many ways to talk to and deal with people of high esteem.

If I could do one thing with my hero, Wolf Blitzer, it would be to watch the news. I think the insight I would get from him while we watch the news, about the news making process, would invaluable.

Another activity I would like to do with Wolf would be to browse museums. Since he has a masters degree in International Relations, I think he would provide some valuable knowledge on the exhibits featured at the museums. Most importantly, if I could do one thing with Wolf Blitzer, it would be listening to his stories.

I would like to spend a day with with Wolf just hearing about his life, and his experiences in journalism.

Wolf Blitzer has dedicated his life to reporting the news, so that the common people can be informed. I think the way he has spent his life is very honorable, and I have immense respect for this. I also like Wolf’s personality, and traits, and though some have said he is humorless, I still love him. Wolf may be a strange hero, but I look up to him.

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