Dallas ISD Board of Trustees election results


Jaime Resendez (Trustee District 4), Lew Blackburn (Trustee District 5), and Audrey Pinkerton (Trustee District 7) won their races on Saturday, May 7 for seats on the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees.

In District 2, Dustin Marshall and Mita Havlick will head to a runoff election on June 18 to determine who fills the trustee seat as neither received the majority of votes.

Blackburn has served on the Board of Trustees since 2001. Resendez, an attorney, and Pinkerton, the owner of a commercial construction firm, will be new to the board.

What does a trustee do?

The Dallas ISD Board of Trustees establishes the policies by which schools operate. In carrying out the task of setting policy, the board identifies needs and establishes priorities for the school system, allocates financial and human resources among the priority areas, and evaluates school performance. Trustees also hire and supervise the superintendent.

How long does a trustee serve?

A trustee serves a three-year term of office.

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