Shadowing program proves to be illuminating for Health Professions students (video)


Spending a day in the life of a health professional offers students a unique opportunity to learn about their chosen profession before entering college.

Thanks to a partnership with local health providers, students at the School of Health Professions at Townview Center are gaining practical experience through shadowing and internships.

“I go to various stations throughout the hospitals. It’s either radiology, surgery, or the inpatient unit,” said Amy, a junior at the School of Health Professions. “And I get to do a lot of hands on activities that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to do without this program.”

Juniors at the school are able to participate in a non-paid internship program exclusive to their school.

“I really enjoyed seeing how everyone worked together, and it gave me a better understanding how it really would be if I worked in the health professions,” said Ruben, a junior at the School of Health Professions.

More than 150 Dallas ISD students participate in shadowing and internships at local hospitals.

“When you come and do a shadowing project, you are able to get the full grasp of what goes on in the hospital,” said Sharron Nicholson, technical supervisor at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

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