mySchool: E.D. Walker Middle aims to challenge, engage its students (video)


The 51 teachers at Dallas ISD’s E.D. Walker Middle School must challenge the school’s more than 700 students because most of them perform at such a high level. To aid in that goal, teachers attended Kagan professional development training to implement cooperative learning strategies.

“Kagan is really just kind of a strategy for keeping students involved and working with each other,” said sociology teacher Robert Ramsey. “It tells them, ‘OK, you have 30 seconds, talk about this.’ And so their brains have to really focus really quickly and then it gives them a focus strategy to use to be able to explain themselves. Kids really like it.”

Dr. Laura Stout, principal at Walker, said that the school aims to engage students in activities that interest them, including by offering several club activities such as the Robotics Club, Art Club, Chess Club, Royal Jackets Hospitality and a Homecoming Week.

“We have a lots of activities for students to attend and have fun with,” Stout said. “I just want most of all for students to be happy to come to school. If students are happy to come to school, if they enjoy school, then they will learn.”

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