AlumNow: Townview grad turns lifelong dream into reality


Malcolm Hornsby, a 2011 alum of Rosie Sorrells School of Education and Social Services at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center, knew from an early age what he wanted to do when he grew up. With hard work and a strong belief in himself, he’s making his dream come true.

AlumNow, a Hub feature that checks in with district alumni to see where they are now, caught up with Hornsby at his first job after college.

What are you doing now?

I am currently an MMJ (Multi-Media Journalist) for KTRE 9, the ABC affiliate in Lufkin, Texas. I started this summer and. so far, I’ve loved ALMOST every minute of it. From writing scripts, to interviews, to running my own camera, I’m a one-man band reporter, so I do it all.

Briefly list a few of your career and/or personal highlights.

My current position at KTRE, which is my first in the broadcasting industry, is certainly a career and personal highlight of mine. I’ve wanted to be a journalist since I was seven years old, so this is truly a dream come true.

What was your favorite subject or activity/involvement in high school?

My absolute favorite activity in high school was being a co-host on School Zone Dallas. I thought I was such a celebrity, having my face on the side of school buses! I now appreciate the team so much more now that I know what exactly goes into making a television production successful. It’s much more than showing up and reading a prompter! 

What lesson did you learn in high school or beyond that has served you well through the years?

One lesson I’m constantly learning every day, especially as a reporter, is to never be afraid to have faith in yourself. I’m always presented with a new obstacle, sometimes several in one day, and if I am apprehensive about my abilities to do the job I was hired to do, then the outcomes to those obstacles may not always be positive. Even if I were to fail, at least I had enough faith in myself to give it my all.

What advice, if any, would you offer to high school students today?

Aside from always having faith in yourself, my advice would be to take the time now to at least have an idea of what it is you’d like to do, career-wise. I’ve known since I was seven years old that I wanted to work in broadcast news. That may be a little early, but it helped me make a plan for myself and stick with it in terms of the various schools and jobs I applied for that would mesh well with the goals I’d set for myself.

What inspires you?

Waking up every morning and going to work is true inspiration for me. Although my ultimate goal is to be a news anchor, not a reporter, I’m still working in my dream career field, something many at my age cannot say. That inspires me to continue to work hard, have high standards, and never stop having faith in myself.

College/University and degree earned:

Texas A&M University – Commerce. B.S. in broadcast journalism, May 2015.

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