Mike Miles announces resignation as Dallas ISD superintendent


Noting that the most critical pieces needed to transform Dallas ISD have been put in place, Mike Miles announced his resignation as Dallas ISD superintendent on Tuesday morning. Miles will continue to serve as superintendent until Thursday night’s board meeting.

Deputy Superintendent Ann Smisko will assume leadership of day-to-day operations as acting superintendent. Dr. Smisko has worked in education for more than 40 years. She has worked in Dallas ISD for the past three years, overseeing both the Dallas ISD School Leadership division and Curriculum and Instruction this past year.

“Ann Smisko is fully capable of managing the day-to-day operations of Dallas ISD and fulfilling the vision of Destination 2020,” Miles said.

During his resignation announcement, Miles, who became superintendent in 2012, outlined the positive transformation that has happened in Dallas ISD over the past three years. The accomplishments include:

  • Continued implementation of a rigorous principal evaluation system that uses both performance and student results to measure principal effectiveness;
  • Implemented the Teacher Excellence Initiative, arguably the most innovative pay-for-performance teacher evaluation system in the country. The system also included the implementation of the Distinguished Teacher Review process, which has fundamentally changed how highly effective teachers are identified and assessed;
  • Kicked off an initiative to expand the number of public choice schools, with the goal of having 35 by the year 2020;
  • Increased the focus on and investment in early childhood programs, which studies show is critical in laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

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“While the transformation of a large, urban district takes time, with the support of the Board and the community, we were able to accomplish an incredible amount in just three years,” Miles said. “I know of no other district that has been able to accomplish as much in the same period of time. The vision has been drawn; the foundation has been set.”

Miles said he did not take his decision to resign lightly. However, he said he decided he could step aside as superintendent and rejoin his family in Colorado knowing that the critical foundation and current leadership team are in place to continue Dallas ISD on a positive trajectory.

“The team that we have assembled is committed to sustainable, positive change for our students to build an even stronger, better Dallas ISD for this community,” Miles said.

In his announcement, Miles thanked the board, students, teachers, staff, and greater community for their commitment to continuing to improve Dallas ISD.

“It has been a privilege to serve this community and the staff and students of Dallas ISD,” Miles said. “I will always be grateful for the opportunity that was given to me and the common toil and struggle of a city dedicated to the education of all children and whose best days are still in front of it.”

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