Summer Learning Labs reimagine Dallas ISD summer school (video)


Dallas ISD administrators at Hulcy Middle School recently gathered together to learn more about the district’s newly remodeled summer school program, which reimagines the traditional summer school model to include professional development opportunities for district educators and administrators.

A key focus in Summer Learning Labs is professional development. By hiring additional staff, dual teaching allows more skilled and experienced distinguished teachers to pair with those seeking professional growth during morning classroom instructional time.

“Teachers will be paired in the learning labs with other teachers,” said Seagoville Feeder Pattern Executive Director Stephanie Taylor. “We will also have (Alternative Certification) interns who will be working towards their teacher certifications who will also be paired with proficient teachers.”

Doing so creates instructional coaching opportunities for distinguished teachers and a live model for their mentees to observe high quality instruction.

“As a principal, I am going to be able to go in there and also participate in the learning labs and give instructional feedback,” said Amy Zbylut, Seagoville North Learning Lab assistant principal. “It’s one of those things that we’re all going to get to learn—the students and all of the staff members that are actually being staffed in the learning labs.”

Through partnerships with the district’s Alternative Certification program and Teach for America, Learning Labs seek to create environments where students and staff can grow through differentiated experiences aimed at achieving, both, academic and professional growth.

View the above video to learn more.

Are you a Dallas ISD teacher? Visit the professional development online catalog to access more opportunities.

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