Staff Appreciation Spotlight: Food and Child Nutrition Services Department


This week, The Hub is recognizing district staff who are instrumental in supporting the educational experiences of Dallas ISD students.

Like their counterparts across the nation, Dallas ISD staff play an essential role in student success. During Staff Appreciation Week, we invite the community to join us in recognizing the dedicated employees who wholeheartedly commit themselves to providing an exceptional educational experience for all children.

Each day this week, we recognize three of the hundreds of exemplary Dallas ISD staff across the district. As we highlight their experiences, we salute the role every staff member plays in making our schools, communities and country better places to live and work.

Each employee answered the same three questions: What has been your favorite moment as an employee, what is the best thing about being an employee in Dallas ISD, and what is one way in which you hope to impact students in Dallas ISD?

Jennifer DeHoog, Nutrition Specialist, Food and Child Nutrition Services Department

The most memorable moment of my career as an FCNS staff member happened when Breakfast in the Classroom was implemented districtwide. I’ve always been an advocate for school breakfast.  Research proves its countless benefits to students’ academic achievement and overall health. Hearing the personal stories of teachers, students and principals about the tremendous impact Breakfast in the Classroom is making in their day-to-day lives brings the research to life.

The best thing about working as a member of FCNS staff is knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of many children each day. I love being a part of the Dallas ISD community, where there is such heart and passion for being change agents in the lives of the children and families we have the privilege of serving.

One of the ways I hope to impact students is by helping them form healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. The cafeteria is the place where students can experience healthy, fresh, nutritious foods.

Lynn Forrester, Procurement Specialist, Food and Child Nutrition Services Department

My most memorable moment as a FCNS employee was serving on three Silver Plate Award-winning teams, in 1991, 2003, and 2005. (The Silver Plate is an excellence award sponsored by the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association.)

The best thing about working in the FCNS department is the feeling of home. As a product of Dallas ISD schools, I am proud that I can give back to the community where I grew up.

One of the ways I hope to impact students is to reduce the food insecurity some of our students experience. This will help students perform better and achieve their personal goals.  

Lesia Gray, Quality Assurance Specialist, Food and Child Nutrition Services Department

One of my most memorable moments as a FCNS staff member was an expression of gratitude I received from one of the tenured employees after a training session. She said she felt encouraged to persevere and not retire in spite of challenges with new technology and processes. She said, “I can do this because of you.”

The best thing about working on the FCNS staff is the opportunity to work with a variety of unique people who leave you with treasures to benefit your professional and personal growth regardless of differences.

One of the ways I hope to impact students is by being an example of what professionalism looks like as I visit the schools and have an opportunity to chat with them and answer their questions about why I am visiting their schools.

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