Staff Appreciation Week: Administrative Assistants


This week, The Hub is recognizing district staff who are instrumental in supporting the educational experiences of Dallas ISD students.

Like their counterparts across the nation, Dallas ISD staff play an essential role in student success. During Staff Appreciation Week, we invite the community to join us in recognizing the dedicated employees who wholeheartedly commit themselves to providing an exceptional educational experience for all children.

Each day this week, we will recognize three of the hundreds of exemplary Dallas ISD staff across the district. As we highlight their experiences, we salute the role every staff member plays in making our schools, communities and country better places to live and work.

Today, we salute administrative assistants. Each employee answered the same three questions: What has been your favorite moment as an employee, what is the best thing about being an employee in Dallas ISD, and what is one way in which you hope to impact students in Dallas ISD?

Yolanda Williford, administrative assistant for Food Services 

My most memorable moment as a staff member was meeting the executive chef to President Obama and First Lady Michelle, Chef Sam Kass. He was a very humble, soft-spoken young man. Just to know that he cooks and speaks to the President and First Lady was really grand.

It’s great working with such a big district with so many team members working toward a common goal, the well-being of our students. We are known nationally for our efforts. Provision 2 was one of the most impressive moments. Just think, we now feed all the students for free!

The impact I hope to have on students is to see that all students are fed breakfast, lunch and a snack everyday for free. Some of our students don’t get to eat unless it’s at school. Students depend on it. I hope that we have made a difference in their lives by feeding them good nutritious meals to help them learn and be successful in anything they do.

Yamilett Alfaro-Leyja, administrative assistant for Division 2 

My most memorable moment as a staff member was when I mentored students. It’s a great feeling when students come back years later and thank you for being there to listen and give advice.

The best thing about working in Dallas ISD is that I have the ability to support 45 campuses within Division 2 by working collaboratively with campus leadership.

The impact I hope to have on students is to be successful, as I quickly and effectively communicate all information necessary to our campuses.

Nancy Esparza, office manager at Emmett J. Conrad High School

My most memorable moment as a staff member was the effective and efficient way our faculty, staff and student body dealt with two serious diseases, Ebola and tuberculosis, all in one year.

The best thing about working in Dallas ISD is that there is never a dull moment. Every day is a new day with new experiences and sometimes challenges.

The impact I hope to reflect is promoting collaborative problem solving and open communication within the administrative staff. I want to assist in helping our leaders perform their jobs more effectively and clearly focus on attaining student achievement goals. Also, I work to have a positive attitude when interacting with the students to show them that I care about their future.


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